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Our Goals
Teenage Group

Our goal at GotOptions is to keep tuition competitive and reasonable, yet still provide our students with the best that is available: the best teachers, the best tools, the best environment to be successful. We will always guide and support families and students in their journey to find the best option for their educational needs! We strive to be the best at communication with and support for our members. We will always work hard for you and your family! 

Our Promise
Happy Children

At GotOptions, we stand on a firm foundation of faith! We love EVERYONE, no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities! We are all created unique but equal! We do not allow bullying or seclusion! We are diverse and everyone is included and accepted! We believe in you! We care about you! You are respected! You are worth it! You are capable of great things! Your success is our success! We will never give up on you!


Monica McCoy, Conway

Welcome Friends,

I would love to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a little about me, the founder/owner of GotOptions LLC.

Monica McCoy -


Hello everyone! I am so excited to get to know you and your family! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 42 years old. I live in Conway with my husband Jake, of 23 years. We moved to Horry County in 2001 from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where we were both born and raised. After moving here, we were blessed with two beautifully and wonderfully made children, Hannah and Gavin. They were both born with a rare chromosomal abnormality that causes developmental delay. Because of this, my daughter was struggling academically and socially in public school. She was being left behind in her classes, even though she had an IEP that was supposed to prevent that. She was also having a terrible time with bullying. Because, she appeared to be the typical teenage girl and there were no physical signs of a disability, kids did not understand why she was so "different" and that made her an easy target for bullying.  I knew it was time for a change. That is where my homeschool journey began. Prior to homeschooling, I was Human Resources Specialist for 9 years and a HR Manager for 5 years. I attended HGTC where I was on the President's List for Human Services and Psychology. I also own a website and community outreach for local moms and I enjoy volunteering to give back to our community! The youth of our community are my passion! I don't want any child to be left behind! 


Monica McCoy

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