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Blended Learning
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 Programs Available at  GotOptions

GotOptions offers many options to parents and students when it comes to curriculum and programs available to students. 

Step One is to meet with parents and go over the many choices. As Educational Consultants, we merely make suggestions, but ultimately, it is the parent's decision on which program suits their child and family best. Most programs are included in the tuition price, however, there are some that may require additional membership fees. This will be discussed during assessment.

*For our Day School (K-12) Online Charter School Students, hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm. They attend under the supervision of our staff/Learning Coaches. They have the following options to choose from for their curriculum:

SC Connections Academy (K-12) SCCA provides a personalized education for all students to master the knowledge and problem solving skills needed to achieve their college and career goals.

SC Virtual Charter School (K-12) is an AdvancED accredited school that provides a competitive, personalized education experience. The school offers a wide variety of courses, including world languages, honors, and AP®. A dual credit program enables qualified high school students to earn college credits on select courses. The school offers career technical education courses for high school students who wish to get a head start on preparing for a career or college. Students may also participate in social outings, field trips, community service opportunities, and extracurricular clubs.

Odyssey Online Learning (9-12) is an online charter school in the South Carolina Public Charter School District. It was formerly known as Provost Academy South Carolina. Odyssey Online Learning has served students throughout the state of South Carolina in grades 9-12 since 2009.

*For families signing up with GO as an accountability group, we offer Teaching Coaches to assist families with support and we open our doors to them Mon - Fri 9am - 2pm to use our space (wi-fi, supplies, classes, field trips, etc.) on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Fees vary! The following options are popular with our GO Families: 

Time4Learning (K-12) a complete curriculum, covering not only math but language arts, science, social studies, and more. It can easily be used to supplement any existing curriculum.

MobyMax (K-8) set each kid up with their own profile so you can track their individual progress and keep them on their own grade levels. The kids can study spelling, phonics, science, history, social studies, reading, writing, and even study for state prep tests. They can earn badges, and earn game time.

Khan Academy (K-12) Khan has so much more to offer. Not only can you learn algebra, but you can learn computer programming, take an economics course, you could become a WWII expert, or study chemistry. The resources here are also useful for college students. There really is something there for everyone. Many of the classes you may “take” will be Youtube videos. Like Moby Max, Khan also has badges you can earn.

Drop Offs (K-12)

Bring your own curriculum or use one of our blended learning classes, and take a day to run errands, grocery shop or just have a few hours to yourself!!